Public Works Projects

Projects Around Creswell in May 2016

Public Works Project - Annual Flushing of Water Lines

Starting Monday, May 23rd through Wednesday, May 25th, 2016, your Creswell Public Works Crew is completing their annual water line flushing project.  Flushing your water lines keeps your pipes clean and water running smoothly.  This may mean a few things for you: 

  • * It will probably be a bit of an inconvenience, as, while they are flushing lines near you, the water coming out of your tap or toilet could be orange to brownish in color.  Please realize the water is perfectly safe.  The discoloration is caused by sediment being stirred up in the lines while the flushing is taking place. 
  • *  It also may mean that once they are done in your area, you will probably want to run your water for several minutes until it runs clear.  That would be a great time to grab a bucket or two and fill them up to water your flowers or flush a toilet!  There are many uses for this water, as again, it is perfectly safe, just a little off in color. 

We are very sorry for any inconvenience you may experience during this time and thank you so much for your patience with us while we strive to offer you the best water possible! 

Thank you again!

Your Creswell Public Works Department

The new parking lot at South 1st & C Street has been completed.

Lane County Elections moved the ballot drop box to the new parking lot. 

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Completed Projects:

The Following Projects Were Completed in September 2014:

Public Works  filled in potholes on streets all over Creswell.

Water Main Line Extension at N. 2nd & A Street 

The Following Projects Were Completed in June 2014:

Crack sealing of Dale Kuni Road, A Street, Holbrook Lane, South 2nd Street, and C Street - May slow traffic in work areas.

Street Painting  of Crosswalks and Yellow Curbs - May slow traffic in work areas.

Painting of Holt and Garden Lake Park Bathrooms - The bathrooms will be closed during those times.

Rebarking of Park Planters

Painting of Park Equipment - The park will be closed until paint dries.

Cleaning of the July 4th Parade Route.


Annual flushing of the Water Distribution System

This process allows us to provide you with quality water throughout the year and is expected to start Monday, June 2nd at 8am and finish in the early afternoon on Wednesday, June 4th, 2014.  Although some color may be experienced in the water during this time, it has been chlorinated and is safe to use, however, you may want to run cold water until it clears up.  Completed June 4, 2014.


Holt Park

Remove concrete from the old parking area/school house floor & replace it with topsoil, irrigations system and plantings. Project start date - after July 4, 2012.   Completed August 2012.


Reinforcing Dikes at the Wastewater Lagoon  

Completed November 2011


Water Line Replacement

The main line for water on 6th from A Street to Scarborough will be replaced Summer 2011.

Completed August 2011.