Finance & Budget

Department Overview

The Finance Department is responsible for providing timely and accurate financial information to the Citizens of Creswell, management, the City Council and, the Budget Committee and other external users.

Primary functions include accounting, budgeting, managing cash investments and debt service,  accounts payable, accounts receivable and financial reporting.  The Finance department oversees management of utility billing, airport billing, online bill payment, municipal court, and animal licensing.

Finance Documents

City of Creswell 2016-17 Budget  (PDF)
City of Creswell 2015-16 Budget (PDF)
City of Creswell 2014-15 Budget (PDF)
City of Creswell 2013-14 Budget (PDF)
City of Creswell 2012-13 Budget (PDF)
City of Creswell 2011-12 Budget (PDF)
City of Creswell 2010-11 Budget (PDF)
City of Creswell 2009-10 Budget (PDF)

City of Creswell 2016 Audit (PDF)
City of Creswell 2015 Audit (PDF)
City of Creswell 2014 Audit (PDF)
City of Creswell 2013 Audit (PDF)
City of Creswell 2012 Audit (PDF)
City of Creswell 2011 Audit (PDF)
City of Creswell 2010 Audit (PDF)
City of Creswell 2009 Audit (PDF)

OpenGov - transpancy website

The City of Creswell is committed to financial transparency. In this spirit, the City has developed a financial transparency website to give you, the City of Creswell stakeholder, a transparent view of how your funds are invested in the delivery of outstanding public programs and services. The transparancy website provides a one-stop shop for your financial data needs and includes data analysis/graphing functionality as well as comprehensive pdf publications.

Powered by OpenGov, this tool provides user-friendly access to the City's financial data. This Financial Transparency Tool provides employees and residents alike with the ability to see the City's current budget and four prior years of revenues and expenses. To learn how to use the tool, review the How-to-Guide, or use the Help Menu within the tool for further explanation.

Example: General Fund Annual Report

In addition, here is some information specific to the City of Creswell:

  • The City’s main fund is its General Fund. Most of its expenses come from that fund.
  • Some expenditures or revenues do not track year to year. For example, there may be an expenditure for a specific item or project in 2010 that the City no longer uses. These expenditure categories will be visible for the years in which they were encountered. After that, they will zero out.
  • A "Proprietary Fund" at the City is one of the two utilities or the Aiport Fund. This is a fund that the City uses to pay for specific items.
  • A "Governmental Fund" is where the general governmental revenues and expenditures show. Here you will find the General Fund, the Special Revenue Funds , the Street Fund, the Capital Imporvement Funds, and the Debt Service Fund. 
  • The data is solely for the City and does not include financial data from any outside special districts, such as South Lane County Fire & Rescue, the Lane Library District or the Creswell School District.


This data should be used for informational purposes only. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the reports and data provided; nevertheless,some information may not be accurate. The City of Creswell assumes no responsibility arising from use of this information.

Finance Staff
Finance Director James Piper 541-895-2531 x306
Accounts Payable Clerk Carolyn Allen 541-895-2531 x302
Accounts Receivable/Utility Clerk   Michelle Furrer 541-895-2531 x301
Receptionist Jennifer Gardiepy 541-895-2531 x300