Building Department

Department Overview

The City of Creswell contracts with “NW Code Pros” (formerly The Building Department) to provide building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical inspections and code enforcement services throughout the city.  Building and electrical permits are obtained at City Hall (13 South 1st Street), but if you have questions regarding specific building code requirements you may contact NW Code Pros at (541) 484-9043 or visit them at their website

Building Permit Inspections
For building permit inspections call (541)484-9043 before 5 pm the evening before the inspection.

Building Permit Fees & Electrical Permit Fees
To purchase your building permit, please contact the receptionist at City Hall at (541) 895-2531 to arrange payment. We accept cash, check, or money order.  We do take credit and/or debit cards here in our office, in person only.  Please be prepared to provide picture ID.  Your name must be on the ID and must match your credit/debit card.  We take Visa, Mastercard and Discover.  **

Electrical Inspections
For electrical inspections call The Building Department at (541) 484-9043. 

Permit Applications
Building Permit Application (PDF) For structural, plumbing, or mechanical permit(s).  
New Single-Family Dwelling Building Permits  (PDF) Click Here to download and print the  complete permit applications & requirements packet.  Revised 3-2-16(Hint:  Print this packet 1-sided to 2-sided to save paper.)

Useful Links
Oregon Construction Contractor's Board
Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services

**System Development Charges may only be purchased with a check, money order, or cash.  (System Development Charges (SDCs) are often purchased when purchasing permits for a new single-family dwelling.)