Boards & Commissions

Water Rate Advisory Committee
The Water Rate Advisory Committee is appointed by the Mayor in January and consists of three councilors, two citizens, and one member at large (who may reside outside of Creswell).  Their task is to work with the City Administrator to review and recommend a water rate for the following fiscal year.  The work will be completed in a timely fashion so as to be included in the preparation of the budget for the following fiscal year; no later than mid-March.

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission consists of seven members who are appointed by the Mayor, and is a governing body of the City.  The Planning Commission makes determinations and recommendations regarding land use and development within the City.  In addition, it the duty of this commission to study, plan for and make recommedations to the City Council regarding the promotion, coordination and regulation of future growth, development and settlement of the City and adjacent area.  The Planning Commission meets on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m., 99 South 1st Street, Creswell. 

Budget Committee
The Budget Committee consists of the seven City Councilors and seven citizens at large.  The citizens are appointed by the Council and serve three year terms.  The Budget Committee is a governing body of the City. The Budget Committee meets as necessary throughout the year, but typically meets during the spring to review the proposed budget.  Budget Committee meetings are open to the public, and public input is received at the meetings.

Airport Commission
The Airport Commission consists of five members who are appointed by the Mayor with consent of the Council, and serves as an advisory body to the Council.  The Airport Commission meets at least once per calendar quarter.  This commission recommends adoption of rules and regulations pertaining to maintenance of airport facilities, number and location of airport hangars, commercial useage of the airport, along with safety regulations and long range planning and development.

Advisory Park and Tree Board
The Advisory Park and Tree Board consists of six members who are appointed by the Mayor with consent of the Council and serves as an advisory body to the Council.  The Board meets on an as needed basis and as directed by the Council.  This board advises the Council in developing, planning for, and maintaining the various parks, open space, facilities and programs in which the City of Creswell has an interest.  This board also advises the Council on the preservation, pruning, planting, removal and disposition of all street and park trees, reviews and updates the Creswell Tree Care Plan and maintains Creswell's status as a Tree City USA.

Creswell Youth Advisory Council
Creswell Youth Advisory Council (CYAC) is officially recognized by the City of Creswell as an advisory committee, providing Creswell's youth an active voice in the decisions made regarding City related programs and services. CYAC is a collaborative effort between the Creswell Clubhouse and the City of Creswell. 

Ad Hoc Committees
The City has established several ad hoc committees to carry out specific tasks or projects. These committees are temporary, as they exist until their purpose has been accomplished.