Volunteer Opportunities

Job Title Job Description Time Commitment Who to contact?
Parks and Tree Advisory Board

 The City is seeking applicants for the Parks and Tree Advisory Board.

Application for Parks Advisory Board; Application for Tree Board

 Minimal. 1 hour or less per week on average rtharp@creswell-or.us
Positively Creswell Join a grassroots discussion group that has formed to discuss how we can work together to make Creswell a better place. The goal is to come up with a plan for action, and to start implementing it. 2-4 hours per month creswelllibrary@centurytel.net
Garden Lake Park Restoration Work with the City of Creswell, Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council, and community members to build and maintain trails, restore natural habitats, and remove invasive plant species at Garden Lake Park. Work parties are typically on a monthly basis on a Saturday from 10AM-12PM.  
Community Sharing Program The Community Sharing Program (CSP) is interested in recruiting volunteers from the Creswell area to perform a variety of tasks. CSP is located in Cottage Grove. Depends on the task and your availability mike@communitysharing.org
Sponsors, Inc.

The Sponsors Mentorship Program at Sponsors Inc. is in need of adult mentors for our program. Sponsors is non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals releasing from prison reintegrate into society. We call upon community members to get involved in mentoring men and women in an enriching mutually beneficial relationship. Each mentor/mentee match is unique and has at its center the purpose of helping the mentee develop pro-social, interpersonal, and communication skills. 

The time requirement is very flexible, minimum 1/hr. a week or 4 hrs. a month. 

James Hare

Sponsors Volunteer Outreach Coordinator



To apply to serve on City-related Boards and Commissions, please see the Get Involved page for Boards and Commissions.